Hostel Crete

Dec 13th, 2012


For this project I had to design a hotel at the south coast of crete. The onley thing was known:

  • The location, Agia Paraskevi
  • An existing skeleton, witch we had to use


The initial question was:

Design a pilothotel for the modern backpacker, that doesn’t want to stay at a normal apartment or on a camping site.



To get to my concept I researched as much as possible. Eventually I chose to create a hostel for the cycling and hiking backpacker, with the building as start- and/or finishingpoint and multiple restingplaces along the rocky roads of the Asterousia mountains. Sleeping along the route will be adventurous, while the building will be a relaxing stay to come around or prepare for the trip.

I try to create a contrast between those two stays by aiming the focus in the building on the sea, while on the route it will be more on the mountain itself.


Artist impressions

Hoste Crete - entranceHostel Crete - from the beachHostel Crete - receptionHostel Crete - dormitory


With these four images I want to visualise the following:

  1. The first image I want to show the side when you first approaches the Hostel.
  2. The second impression I show a view on the building from the beach. My thought behind this image is to show that the building is totally disconnected from the beach, appart from the amazing view  from the livingroom.
  3. This is an impression from the moment you are inside the building. Also I tried to make the connection between the reception and the livingroom visible.
  4. Last but not least I made an impression of the dormitory. my goal was to visualize the connection with the reception; and the dormitory itself.



Eindpresentatie_Remo Ferraguto_v1-1Eindpresentatie_Remo Ferraguto_v1-2Eindpresentatie_Remo Ferraguto_v1-3Eindpresentatie_Remo Ferraguto_v1-4