Colorful Underground Tunnel

Dec 20th, 2012


This was an art project within my specialisation of architecture. The objective was to create a function for an art object. Key was to use the quality of the subject. I had a black cilinder with ┬ásmall colored spheres in it. The quality I saw was the refraction of light which passes throuh the spheres […]

Hostel Crete

Dec 13th, 2012


Introduction For this project I had to design a hotel at the south coast of crete. The onley thing was known: The location, Agia Paraskevi An existing skeleton, witch we had to use   The initial question was: Design a pilothotel for the modern backpacker, that doesn’t want to stay at a normal apartment or […]

Residental Building

Jul 14th, 2012


This is an residental building which I fully made in Autodesk Revit.

Sup Pallium

Feb 1st, 2012


Introduction The location for the project was a lawn next to the Pompenburg in Rotterdam. There was no specific function given by the client, therefore I had basicly all the freedom to come up with a concept and a design.   Concept After a lot of research I noticed that the location was used for […]

School Projects

Jul 13th, 2010


Here some of my work during my first year of engineering.