Site Updates

A whole new site

Dec 24th, 2012


After a very long time of not updating and improving the site, I saw my chance to totally renew it. For the minor Architecture which I currently follow, I had to create a portfoliosite. So I started from scratch, and here it is! Ofcourse, as always, there are a lot of bugfixes and improvements in […]

Still more work to do

May 25th, 2011


The site was temporarily offline. But it is back online again! Still there is enough work to do about the site obviously. Hopefully I will find the right time for it soon.

Site is Online!

May 16th, 2010


Finally my portfoliosite is online! Ofcourse there are some pages still under construction and some I have to fix, but that will come very soon! Just for now, enjoy my work and you can always follow me on Twitter, Blogger and youtube! For questions and more, you can always e-mail me. Just go to my […]